We work to avoid mounting litigation costs and to reach an amicable resolution when possible.

Voelker & Associates represents individual and business clients in a variety of litigation matters. We advise clients on issues ranging from avoiding and resolving disputes to mapping out the best strategy for success in litigation. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed at all stages of the litigation process so that they may make informed decisions.

Voelker & Associates attorneys aggressively prosecute and defend our clients’ interests. At the same time, they work always to avoid mounting litigation costs and to reach an amicable resolution when possible.

Contract Claims

All business transactions involve contracts, whether written, oral, or implicit. Real estate transactions, employment arrangements, personal services, and the purchase of goods are just of few of the many types of contracts by which individuals and businesses bind themselves. Often one party to a contract fails to perform or is accused by the other party of failing to perform. We assist clients in analyzing their rights, responsibilities, and remedies based on a thorough review of the contract.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

We represent landlords in commercial and residential evictions. Additionally, we represent commercial tenants in defending against improper eviction efforts by landlords.

Collection of Funds

We assist clients in collecting money that they are owed. Our attorneys help clients analyze the best and most cost-effective strategy to collect outstanding debt, from obtaining the judgment to execution on the debtor’s assets. We also assist clients who have already obtained judgments in post-judgment collection efforts, ranging from the execution on personal and real property of the debtor to garnishment of bank accounts and other assets.


Sometimes when a dispute arises, a litigant may attempt to cause the Court to order an adverse party to refrain from engaging in a particular activity or conduct. We prosecute and defend injunction actions for plaintiffs and defendants.

Business Torts

There are many types of business torts such as tortious interference with contractual relations, business defamation, and unfair trade practices. We assist clients in prosecuting their rights when they have been harmed by the tortious conduct of others. We also counsel and defend businesses that have been accused of tortious conduct.

Negligence Claims

Negligence claims arise in situations where a person breaches a duty owed to another which causes harm. Negligence claims often arise in situations where a person is injured. We assist clients in analyzing the merits of such claims.

Intentional Torts

There are situations in which one person engages in conduct intended to cause harm to another’s person or property. Such conduct can arise from something as simple as a person’s cutting down a neighbor’s trees to a physical attack.

Confession of Judgments

Confession of judgment provisions in contracts are lawful in commercial transactions in Pennsylvania. Such clauses allow one party to obtain a judgment against the other without the necessity of presenting and proving the facts entitling the judgment. Lawsuits based on confession of judgment clauses are unique in both their prosecution and the defense thereof.

Mortgage Foreclosures

Many loans are secured by a mortgage on real estate. When the borrower fails to timely pay the debt, the lender may foreclose upon the mortgage and cause the real estate to be sold at a sheriff’s sale. We represent commercial and private lenders in mortgage foreclosure actions.

Quiet Title Actions

Sometimes the title to land is disputed. Quiet title actions are intended to extinguish the rights of others in the disputed real estate. We represent clients who seek to eliminate clouds or encumbrances on the title to their real estate.

Adjoining Landowner Disputes

Neighbors occasionally have disputes over matters such as boundary lines, trespass, and nuisances. We represent our clients in resolving, prosecuting, and defending such matters.

Mortgage Satisfaction

Upon request, lenders are required to satisfy their mortgage liens on real estate once they have been fully paid. However, not all lenders comply with this requirement. We represent clients in prosecuting actions against lenders who refuse or fail to comply with their obligations. Under certain circumstances, Voelker & Associates will undertake such representation on a contingent fee basis.

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