Business Law

We provide each client with individual attention, offering experienced counsel on day-to-day legal needs.

When clients have business transactions, they need attorneys who understand not only business law but business as well. Our familiarity with the business environment in which our clients operate enables us to assist our clients in avoiding risk and seizing opportunities.

Voelker & Associates represents corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships in all fields of business and professions. We counsel individuals going into new business ventures in such matters as choice of business entity, asset acquisition, and liability avoidance. We also provide general counsel services to our business clients on a broad spectrum of issues facing their businesses, much as larger businesses are served by their full-time attorneys.

We assist our clients with their “day-to-day” business law needs, ranging from contract negotiation to litigation of business law matters. We pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with individualized attention, service, and accessibility.

We counsel clients, negotiate and prepare documents for businesses, including:

Formation of business entities

When a person or persons go into business, one of the first choices they need to make is under what type of business organization they want to operate the business. The most common choices are sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership. We counsel clients on the best choice of entity so as to minimize personal liability and maximize tax advantages.

We coordinate with our clients’ accountants to ensure that all advisors are working together in the clients’ best interest. We prepare and file all the necessary documents to organize the selected form of business entity. Additionally, we prepare the agreements among the principals such as partnership, operating, and shareholders’ agreements.

General and Complex Contracts

All business transactions involve contracts, whether written, oral, or implicit. One of the outstanding strengths of Voelker & Associates is in the area of contract negotiation and drafting. Because there are many ways of structuring a business transaction, we assist clients in negotiating contracts that best achieve their goals and protect their interests. Contracts can be as straightforward as a simple lease or as complex as the sale of a multi-million dollar business. Examples of contracts include:

  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Asset purchases and sales agreements
  • Stock purchases and sales agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Leases
  • Real estate purchases and sales

Loan Documentation

We negotiate loan transactions and prepare the supporting documentation, such as promissory notes, mortgages, assignments of leases and rents, security agreements, and financing statements.

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