Title Insurance & Settlement Services

We work for you to close real estate transactions of any size, consummating even those that were on the verge of collapse.

When individuals purchase real estate, they must be certain that they own the property free of unknown mortgages, liens, judgments, and other encumbrances that can adversely affect title to the property. Title insurance protects buyers from these hidden risks. Additionally, most lenders who take a mortgage on property require their borrowers to purchase title insurance. Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc., an affiliate of Voelker & Associates, provides residential and commercial real estate settlement services and title insurance to property owners, purchasers, and/or their lenders.

We perform real estate closings for many major lenders as well as for purchasers in cash transactions. Unlike many other settlement companies, all Three Rivers Settlement’s closings in Allegheny and the contiguous counties are conducted by Voelker & Associates attorneys. Our attorneys have conducted thousands of real estate closings, ranging from the single-family home to multi-million dollar commercial property.

Consequently, our attorneys bring their considerable experience and knowledge to bear on difficult real estate transactions, often facilitating the consummation of those transactions that would otherwise collapse without our assistance and intervention. Voelker & Associates and Three Rivers Settlement are committed to ensuring that all aspects of a real estate settlement are handled accurately and expeditiously.

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