Practice Areas

Select an area of our practice for more detail on how we help our clients:

Real Estate Law – Voelker & Associates provides legal services to commercial and residential real estate brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, buyers, sellers, property owners, landlords, and commercial tenants.

Business Law – The firm’s attorneys represent corporations, general and limited partnerships, and proprietorships in all fields of business and professions, as well as counsel individuals going into new business ventures.

Litigation – We represent individuals and business clients in a variety of litigation matters.

Loan Mitigation – We help homeowners negotiate temporary or permanent adjustments of mortgage loan terms to lessen the likelihood of foreclosure.

Estate Planning – Our attorneys explain the available estate planning options in order to ensure that our clients’ testamentary objectives are accomplished and that inheritance and estate tax liabilities are reduced or eliminated.

Estate Administration – When a loved one passes away, with or without a will, we guide families through the probate and administration process.

Title Insurance and Settlement Services – Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc., an affiliate of Voelker & Associates, provides residential and commercial real estate settlement services and title insurance.